The Pros and Cons of Virtual Loss Draft Inspections

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Loss Draft Inspections

When it comes to checking a property, like a house or a commercial building, we at VSI use modern tools and technology. One way we do this is through virtual loss draft inspections.

In this article, we will share the pros and cons of the virtual loss draft inspections processes when it’s applied to instructors. Our goal is to help you determine what you understand and decide what’s best for you.

What are Virtual Loss Draft Inspections?

Virtual inspections are a way we check a property using video technology. Instead of visiting the site ourselves, we guide someone who is present at the location to do an on-site property inspection ourselves.

For example, if bad weather damages property, we need to check the repairs. This is called a loss draft inspection. The homeowner would show us documentation of the costs of the repairs on the call, and we’d check if everything were done right.

Homeowner showing documentation of costs of repairs

Our goal is to make sure we see and assess all aspects of the important details of the location. We believe this way of checking properties is flexible and can meet different needs. But, like all things, it has its good points and bad points.

Pros of Virtual Loss Draft Inspections

Virtual loss draft inspections come with many benefits. Let’s talk about some of the good points relating to the benefits of inspection:

  • Quick and Convenient

We don’t need to travel to the site, making each inspection less time-consuming. This means we can do the inspection faster than a conventional onsite inspection. The homeowner or person at the site can show us the property when it’s best for them.

  • Safe and Easy Access

Sometimes, the area could be unsafe or inaccessible. With the remote visual inspection, this is not a problem. We can check the location more safely than onsite inspections.

  • Detailed Check

During the call, we can ask the person to show us what we need to see. We can take our time to check all the repairs. Our goal is to make sure everything is done right, and address any specific needs, just like we would during onsite inspections.

Pros of Virtual Loss Draft Inspections

Cons of Virtual Loss Draft Inspections

Just like anything else in-person inspection, virtual loss draft inspections also have some downsides. Let’s talk about these points:

  • Limited by Technology

We use a video call for the inspection, so the quality of the video matters a lot. If the internet connection is poor or the camera quality is not good, it can make the inspection harder.

  • We Rely on the Person at the Site

The inspection is as good as the person assisting the on-site inspections. If they miss a spot or don’t show us something important, we might not get all the information we need.

  • It’s Not the Same as Being There

Even though we do our best to check everything, a virtual inspection is not the same as being at the property ourselves during onsite inspections.

Understanding both the details and the good and bad points of our virtual loss draft inspection process will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. But to make this decision easier, let’s compare it with traditional methods.

Virtual vs Traditional On-Site Inspections

Now, let’s see how our virtual inspections stack up against the old way of doing things, which is to perform traditional onsite inspections.

  • Time

Traditional inspection takes time to travel.

With traditional inspections, the inspector has to travel to the property. This can take a lot of time, especially if the area is far away. But with our virtual inspections, we can do them much faster because we don’t need to travel.

  • Cost

Traveling to the location can also cost money for things like gas or plane tickets. But our virtual inspection services can save these costs.

  • Safety

Sometimes, the area could be in a place that’s not safe, like after a bad storm. An onsite inspection could put the inspector at risk. But with a virtual inspection, we can check the property for hazards from a safe place.

  • Flexibility

With onsite inspections, we need to plan and set a time that works for both the inspector and the homeowner. But with virtual inspections, we as inspectors can be more flexible and work around the homeowner’s schedule.

It’s important to understand these differences, especially the pros and cons of virtual loss draft inspections when deciding which type of full property inspection is right for you. We believe that our virtual loss draft inspections are a great choice for many people, even homeowners, but we also understand that it might not be right for everyone

Services Offered By VSI

Each of these services uses our virtual inspection technology and review method, which we believe is a great way to inspect and check properties quickly, safely, and effectively.

At VSI, we offer a range of services using our remote inspections method:

  • Disaster Site Inspection

When bad weather damages a property, we can quickly check it. We can show the damage and the things that need to be fixed.

  • Construction Draw Inspections

A field inspector doing Construction Draw Inspections

When a bank or lender is paying for a construction project, they need to know how the project is doing. We can check the project and make sure it’s on track.

  • Loss Draft Inspections

When a property is damaged by weather and it has been repaired, we can check the repairs. This is important for the insurance company to know that everything is fixed right before paying a claim or even starting the claims process.

  • Business Verification Inspections

Sometimes, a lender needs to know more about a business before they give them money. We can check the business and make sure everything is as it should be.

Partner With VSI For Your Virtual Loss Draft Inspection Process

In today’s world, where technology makes many things easier and faster, we at VSI believe virtual inspections are a valuable tool for both property inspections and checks. You can enjoy upsides like speed, safety, and detailed checks.

In the end, the best choice depends on what works best for you. Whatever your decision, we’re here to help you get the detailed property inspection you need, whether it’s to repair a loss draft inspection after bad weather or a check for a business.

For more information or assistance with a solution to your inspection needs, reach out to VSI.