What is a Field Inspector?

Field Inspectors provide a remote inspection of property or other collateral, such as heavy equipment, computers, RV’s, boats, and other business-related items. These inspections are usually requested by a financial institution (bank, credit union, mortgage lender, or insurance company) to verify and validate a business location.

Example: A lender wants verification of a business location, address, unit number, driver’s license, and a picture of the business owner. This process is completed through our Field inspection software which captures the map of the location as well as the longitude/latitude of the onsite location.

Additionally, the rising fraud and white-collar crime have created an ever-increasing demand for Field Inspectors, who serve as the first line of defense to prevent fraud.

Work Part-time or Full-time

Field Inspectors are independent contractors. These Field Inspectors can work for several best inspection company at the same time while performing a wide variety of inspections. And because of these, a Field Inspector has become the outsourcing solution that allows financial institutions to focus on their core business.

If you are interested in exploring this field inspector opportunity further, you can watch our informative video. It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the inspection process. You’ll gain valuable insights into the field inspector responsibilities, challenges, and rewards that come with being a field inspector.

Virtual site inspections across multiple and distant locations

Field Inspectors Requirements:

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Read and Follow Directions
  • Ability to operate a Cell Phone
  • Be Organized and Task-Oriented
  • Pass a 3rd party certified background check
  • Good Communication and Collaboration Skills
  • Learn and Know Company’s Online Platform Adequately
  • Be on Time (Punctual) and Be Good at Time Management
  • Be Available During Business Hours (Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM)

The NationwideVSI team is always looking for qualified Field Inspectors. – Click Here to View FAQ.