Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help understand how it works.

Tell me more about Nationwide Virtual site Inspection?

Learn more about Nationwide Virtual Site Inspections @

About Us

Where do I go to sign up?

Please visit, choose “Inspector,” and then click the “Sign Up” button. This action can be completed using a computer or through a web browser on your phone.

What are the different types of inspections?

We do multiple types of inspections to include Branch office inspection, Business Verification, Commercial Drive-by, Commercial site visit.

Am I required to sign up for all inspection types?

No, you choose the types of inspections you would be willing to complete

Is training required for site inspectors?

Yes, an online course is required for all site inspectors.

Can I update my default username?

Yes, it is not case sensitive or require any special characters

How long does it take to complete an inspection?

Depending on the type of inspection. It may vary from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes

How to upload multiple zip codes?

Please download the Excel spreadsheet from the following link: Once downloaded, enter all the zip codes into column A. Remove the first zip code that appears in the column 

What type of site visits?

Occupancy checks are for medical providers/suppliers, to confirm if occupied or vacant.

What is the purpose of these site visits?

To verify occupancy for commercial buildings / residential mortgages / Medical Offices.

How often will site visits be received?

Orders will be bundled by zip code and will be assigned daily/weekly.

How frequently are site inspections paid?

Monthly. All inspections completed the previous month will be paid for in the first week of the following month. All payments will be directly deposited. On the 1st, the system will generate an email informing you of an invoice pending. Once the payment is processed, it usually takes ten days. You will then receive an email from QuickBooks confirming the direct deposit date.

Will notifications be received when site visits are assigned?

Yes, via email. Site visits are assigned by site inspectors selected zip code coverage areas. Site inspectors have the option to accept or decline any assigned work within their indicated coverage area.

How many days are allowed to complete site visits?

Once site visits are assigned, 7 days are allowed for completion. (Note: If orders are assigned as a “Rush Order”, completion is required within 48 hours.)

Can site visits be assigned to sub-inspectors?

Yes, the site inspectors can set up sub-inspectors under their profiles.

How many pictures are required?

15 to 25 pictures (Front view, address, street sign, business signage, hours of operations, suites number, parking lot (if applicable).

How much do the site inspections pay?

Inspection prices range from $25 to $45 depending on the Job Order Type. Flat fee mileage not included.

Is a background check required?

Yes, please click on the following link to complete your background check with Background Online ( If you already have a completed background check, email it to and one of our staff will attach it to your profile.

Do these site inspections require notary signings?

No.  (Notary work is available but separate from site inspections.  Fees for notary work is negotiable.)

I received an email that my account has been approved but I am not able to log-in?

Sometimes it takes a couple hours for the system to update. If you are still unable to log in after 4hrs you can email for further assistance.

Is insurance required?

Yes, current auto insurance is needed. You will also need to input your driver license number and expiration date.

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